Khush Matharu, is a self taught photographer. ( Attended workshops in New York with renowned photographer Janusz Kawa).


Since a very young age he found himself naturally gravitating towards photography, painting and sketching . Though professionally he chose a different path but the attraction towards creative art always stayed and grew.Through the years he kept his interest alive and nurtured it and honed his craft over time.


Having a keen creative eye made him realize he had an unparalleled scope before him. Flying in the high skies he started capturing the stunning vistas in front of him. Soon he had a breathtaking collection of unmatched scenes.


As true talent cannot be limited, hence ‘the skies’ is not his only subject. He has a collection worth exhibiting of wildlife, landscapes, architecture & portraits.


He has presented his work in shows in London. The 1st show was held, in November 2012, at The Lotus Studio, Lancaster Gate, London. 


He does not believe in digitally changing the aesthetics of the scenes that nature presents, and the pictures are kept true to their original form. The prints are made in his signature style - on HahnemühleFineArt paper using pigment inks.


Photographs are available for licensed use and also for sale in custom sizes. To see more of the collection please use the 'Contact Us' link or send an email to



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